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Developer Platform

Developer Platform

The Cloudflare Developer Platform provides a serverless execution environment that allows you to create entirely new applications or augment existing ones without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.

Create API Tokens

If you are going to be using the Cloudflare API, you first need an API token to authenticate your requests.

Create Tokens >

View Workers Examples

Review fully functional sample scripts to get started with Workers.

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Install an Origin CA certificate

Use Origin Certificate Authority (CA) certificates to encrypt traffic between Cloudflare and your origin web server and reduce origin bandwidth consumption.

Install Origin CA >

Change your nameservers

Make Cloudflare your primary DNS provider by updating your authoritative nameservers at your domain registrar.

Update nameservers >

SSL/TLS Encryption mode

Your domain's SSL/TLS encryption mode controls how Cloudflare connects to your origin web server and how SSL certificates presented by your origin will be validated.

Set encryption mode >

Create IP access rules

Use IP Access rules to allowlist, block, and challenge traffic based on the visitor’s IP address, country, or Autonomous System Number (ASN).

Create IP access rules >

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Cloudflare contributes to the open-source ecosystem in a variety of ways, including:


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