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Browser Rendering
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Browser Rendering

Browser automation for Cloudflare Workers.
Available on all plans

The Workers Browser Rendering API allows developers to programmatically control and interact with a headless browser instance and create automation flows for their applications and products. Once you configure the service, Workers Browser Rendering gives you access to a WebSocket endpoint that speaks the DevTools Protocol. DevTools is what allows Cloudflare to instrument a Chromium instance running in the Cloudflare global network.

Use Browser Rendering to:

  • Take screenshots of pages.
  • Convert a page to a PDF.
  • Test web applications.
  • Gather page load performance metrics.
  • Crawl web pages for information retrieval.

Deploy Browser Rendering using Wrangler and our version of Puppeteer. Refer to Get started to deploy your first Browser Rendering project using Wrangler and Puppeteer.

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