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Cloudflare D1

Create new serverless SQL databases to query from your Workers and Pages projects.

D1 is Cloudflare’s native serverless database. Create your first D1 database by following the Get started guide, learn how to import data into a database, and how to query your database directly from Workers or Pages.

​​ Get started

​​ Create your first database

Learn how to create your first D1 database, establish a schema, import data and query D1 directly from an application built with Workers.

​​ Workers

Build serverless applications and deploy instantly across the globe for exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

​​ Pages

Deploy dynamic front-end applications in record time.

​​ Coming soon

  • Larger databases: During the alpha period, the maximum per-database size is limited to 500 MB. We plan to support not only larger databases, but more databases, in the near future.

  • Read replication: D1 will create and distribute replicas of your data across the Cloudflare global network, reducing the latency for your read queries. Cloudflare distributes your data close to where your users are and keeps your read replicas up to date with changes.

  • Metrics and observability: Both the D1 dashboard and the GraphQL analytics API will include new metrics for query volume, errors, and storage consumed, so you can better troubleshoot issues and track costs.

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