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Preview services

Contracted customers can try certain products and features for 30 days.

Once you enable the product or feature, it will not be an officially contracted service until you purchase it. Cloudflare will reach out in case you have any questions or feedback, and provide you with a sales quote if you are enjoying the product.

You may cancel at any time before the 30 days ends by reaching out to your sales team for assistance.

​​ Available features and products

To enable a preview service, use the Dashboard link in the following table. Then, select Enable. And that is it. You will have instant access to the product or feature you selected so you can begin determining if it is right for your business’ needs.

Name Dashboard link Docs Community
Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM) ACM dashboard ACM docs ACM community
API Shield API Shield dashboard API Shield docs API Shield community
Argo Smart Routing Argo dashboard Argo docs Argo community
Bot Management Bot Management dashboard Bot Management docs Bot Management community
Cloudflare for SaaS Cloudflare for SaaS dashboard Cloudflare for SaaS docs Cloudflare for SaaS community
Images Images dashboard Images docs Images community
Load Balancing Load Balancing dashboard Load Balancing docs Load Balancing community
Advanced Rate Limiting Rate Limiting dashboard Rate Limiting docs Rate Limiting community
Stream Stream dashboard Stream docs Stream community
Waiting Room Waiting Room Room dashboard Waiting Room docs Waiting Room community
Web3 Web3 dashboard Web3 docs Web3 discord
Workers Workers dashboard Workers docs Workers discord
Zero Trust Zero Trust dashboard Zero Trust docs Zero Trust community

​​ Recommendations

Since these services are not yet part of your contract, we recommend that you use them on staging or other, non-production environments.

​​ View enabled products

To view which products you have previously enabled, go to your Account Subscriptions page and look for items that with Terms of NOT IN CONTRACT.