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Cloudflare Network Interconnect

Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI) allows you to connect your network infrastructure directly with Cloudflare – rather than using the public Internet – for a more reliable and secure experience.

​​ CNI benefits

Use CNI with other products in Cloudflare’s suite for additional benefits.

Product Value With CNI

Replaces corporate VPNs with the Cloudflare network.

Securely connects your employees to your network no matter where they are when you bring your Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network to meet Cloudflare's.

Magic WAN & Gateway

Secure Web Gateway inspects and protects traffic from your data center.

Provides a secure connection for outbound data center traffic that does not traverse the public Internet.


Places content closer to visitors, improving site performance.

Improves cache fill performance and reduces cost.

Magic Transit

Protects data center and branch networks from unwanted and malicious traffic.

Decreases jitter, drives throughput improvements, and hardens infrastructure to attack.


Serverless compute platform.

Provides a secure connection to serverless cloud compute that does not traverse the public Internet.

For more detail on how CNI delivers these benefits, see Introducing Cloudflare Network Interconnect.