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macOS desktop client

  1. Download Cloudflare WARP for macOS from Microsoft App Center or
  2. Go to your predefined download folder and open the .pkg file.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete installation. Cloudflare WARP will automatically launch and appear in your menu bar with the Cloudflare logo.
  4. Select Next and Accept Cloudflare’s privacy policy.
  5. Turn on the toggle to enable WARP.

WARP is now running and protecting your Internet connection.

​​ WARP modes

The WARP app has two main modes of operation: WARP and

In WARP mode, all traffic leaving your computer is encrypted and sent over WARP, including DNS traffic. In mode, the WARP app only encrypts DNS traffic to the resolver.

WARP mode is the default and the recommended mode of operation. However, if you only want to use the resolver mode:

  1. Select the WARP app icon.
  2. Select the cog icon, and choose your preferred mode of operation for WARP.

​​ WARP options

Beyond the two modes of operation, the WARP app lets you configure additional options to better suit your needs. You can change the protocol used to connect to Cloudflare or enable for Families, for example. To access these options:

  1. Select the WARP app icon.
  2. Select the cog icon > Preferences.

The following is a list of options you can configure in the Connection tab:

  • Disable for all Wi-Fi / wired networks: Check the box corresponding to the network where you want to prevent WARP from working on.
  • DNS Protocol: The available options depend on the WARP mode you have enabled:
  • for Families: Allows you to enable for Families and choose between blocking malware, or blocking malware and adult content.

For the Advanced options, refer to Exclude or include network traffic with WARP for more information.

​​ What Cloudflare places on your device

​​ Cloudflare

This is the main GUI application that you interact with. You can find it in/Applications/Cloudflare

​​ Cloudflare WARP Daemon

This is the daemon service responsible for establishing the wireguard tunnel and all interaction between our service endpoint and the Cloudflare WARP application. Here is where you can find:

  • Service: /Applications/Cloudflare
  • Definition: /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.cloudflare.1dot1dot1dot1.macos.warp.daemon.plist

​​ Log files

The macOS application places log files in two locations based on what part of the app is logging information. These logs are included with a feedback submission, when you select the checkbox in Feedback > Share debug information.

  • Daemon and install logs: /Library/Application Support/Cloudflare.
  • Application GUI logs: /Users/<your local username>/Library/Logs/Cloudflare.

​​ How to remove the application

We include an uninstall script as part of the macOS package you install. Type the following in a terminal window to uninstall WARP:

$ cd /Applications/Cloudflare\
$ ./