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Error responses

The GraphQL Analytics API is a RESTful API based on HTTPS requests and JSON responses, and will return familiar HTTP status codes (for example, 404, 500, 504). However, in contrast to the common REST approach, a 200 response can contain an error, conforming to the GraphQL specification.

All responses contain an errors array, which will be null if there are no errors, and include at least one error object if there was an error. Non-null error objects will contain the following fields:

  • message: a string describing the error.
  • path: the nodes associated with the error, starting from the root. Note that the number included in the path array, for example, 0 or 1, specifies to which zone the error applies; 0 indicates the first zone in the list (or only zone, if only one is being queried).
  • timestamp: UTC datetime when the error occurred.

​​ Example

"data": null,
"errors": [
"message": "cannot request data older than 2678400s",
"path": ["viewer", "zones", "0", "firewallEventsAdaptiveGroups"],
"extensions": {
"timestamp": "2019-12-09T21:27:19.195060142Z"

​​ Common error types

​​ Dataset accessibility limits (entitlements) exceeded

Sample error messages:

  • “cannot request data older than…”
  • “number of fields cannot be more than…”

These messages indicate that the query exceeds what is allowed for the particular dataset under your plan. Refer to Node limits for details.

​​ Parsing issues

Sample error messages:

  • “error parsing args…”
  • “scalar fields must have not selections”

These messages indicate that the query cannot be processed because it is malformed.

​​ Rate limits exceeded

Sample error messages:

  • “limit reached, please try reduced time period”
  • “quota exceeded, please repeat your request in the next minute”