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Area 1 Email Security
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Block lists

When you add blocked senders, Area 1 automatically marks all messages from these senders with a MALICIOUS disposition.

​​ Add a blocked sender

To create a new blocked pattern:

  1. Log in to the Area 1 dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon).

  3. On Email Configuration, go to Block List > Blocked Senders.

  4. Select + New Sender.

  5. Enter the pattern information:

    • Sender: Enter one of the following types of pattern:

    • Notes: Provide additional notes about the blocked sender pattern.

  6. Select Save.

​​ CSV uploads

You can also upload a CSV file of multiple allowed patterns. The CSV file must be smaller than 150 KB, start with a header row of all required values, and contain no additional fields.

An example file would look like this:

Blocked_Sender, Notes, John Smith, Melanie Turner