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Record attributes

Use DNS record comments and tags to categorize and clarify the purpose of DNS records within Cloudflare.

Comments provide a unique descriptions for specific records, whereas tags group similar records into categories.

These attributes are particularly useful when:

  • Multiple teams are managing DNS records within the same zone.
  • Your zone contains a large number of DNS records.
  • You want to filter your DNS records based on matching attributes (for example, when they are managed by the same team or used for the same application).

​​ Availability

Comments and tags are only supported for full and partial zones.

​​ Record comments

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Yes Yes Yes Yes

Character limit

100 500 500 500

Comments per record

1 1 1 1

​​ Record tags

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No Yes Yes Yes

Name character limit
(everything before the colon)

N/A 32 32 32

Value character limit
(everything after the colon)

N/A 100 100 100

Tags per record

N/A 20 20 20

​​ Add or edit record attributes

Create or edit record attributes just like any other aspect of DNS records, whether through the dashboard or API.

You can also add or edit attributes by exporting and re-importing your records.

​​ Reference

​​ Comments

Comments are treated as graphic Unicode characters, meaning that they are case sensitive and do not have any character limitations. However, comments do not support newline (\n) or carriage return (\r) characters.

​​ Tags

Tags are treated as an array of name:value pairs, meaning that tag names are not case sensitive and can only contain letters, numbers, -, and _. For tag values, the same character restrictions apply as for comments.