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Vendor-specific DNS records

This article requires prior knowledge of DNS record management via the Cloudflare dashboard. To learn more, refer to Cloudflare’s article on managing DNS records.

​​ Google

​​ Google Workspace MX records

Google Workspace requires specific MX records added to your DNS provider.

Once you add these records to Cloudflare:

​​ Google Workspace service URLs

If you want to customize the service addresses URLs associated with Google Workspace, refer to Google’s documentation.

​​ Google site verification

To add a site verification record in Cloudflare, follow Google’s documentation.

​​ Amazon

​​ Amazon Route53

AWS customers must update their domain’s nameservers to point to their new Cloudflare nameservers.

​​ Amazon S3 bucket

Find the URL for your bucket.

Then, create a CNAME record in Cloudflare. For example, if the full host URL of the bucket is, you would add a CNAME record similar to the following:

files CNAME

​​ Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

For help setting up DKIM in SES, refer to the Amazon documentation.

​​ Amazon ELB configuration

Refer to  Amazon’s ELB help content for guidance on ELB configuration at Amazon, but generally you should:

Add a CNAME record to Cloudflare for the hostname you receive from AWS, for example:

Type Name Target Proxy status

​​ Microsoft

​​ Microsoft 365

For information about the records to Microsoft 365, refer to Microsoft’s documentation.

​​ Microsoft Azure

Follow Microsoft’s instructions on  configuring Azure DNS settings.

Then, add Azure’s required records to Cloudflare DNS.

​​ Miscellaneous vendors

​​ ClickFunnels

You can configure Cloudflare to work with ClickFunnels. The process requires updating your Cloudflare DNS settings.

​​ Zoho

To use Cloudflare with Zoho, refer to Zoho configuration with Cloudflare.

​​ Unbounce

Refer to Unbounce’s documentation to get a CNAME value, then add that record within Cloudflare.

​​ SendGrid

Refer to SendGrid’s documentation for how to make SendGrid compatible with Cloudflare.

​​ WPEngine

For help configuring WPEngine sites, refer to:

​​ Ning custom domain

For help with Ning, refer to Use a custom domain with Ning.

​​ SmugMug

For help with SmugMug, refer to Use a custom domain with SmugMug.

​​ Mailchimp

For help with Mailchimp, refer to Use a custom domain with Mailchimp.

​​ Rackspace CloudFiles

Configure Rackspace CloudFiles via CNAME record. Consult the Rackspace documentation.

Refer to Rackspace CloudFiles’s documentation to get a CNAME value, then add that record within Cloudflare.

​​ Squarespace

First, make sure you update your nameservers and your domain is active.

Then, set up your Squarespace DNS records:

  1. Get your Squarespace DNS information by following these instructions.
  2. In Cloudflare, add those records:
    • All A records should be Proxied
    • The CNAME record for www should also be Proxied.
    • The CNAME record for should be DNS-only.
  3. If set up properly, your Squarespace DNS Settings page will now indicate that your ‘Settings contain problems.’ This is the expected behavior.

Screenshot of error warnings in squarespace

​​ Pending domain owner verification

The CNAME record you added for should be DNS-only.

If you proxy this record, Squarespace will not be able to verify your domain ownership and show you a This website is pending domain owner verification error. To fix the issue, edit the CNAME record and change the Proxy status to DNS-only.

​​ Tumblr custom domain

Refer to Tumblr’s documentation to get DNS record values. Then, add records to Cloudflare DNS.