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Domain statuses

Once you add a domain to Cloudflare on a full or partial setup, it moves through several statuses:

  • Setup: You initiated but did not finish the signup process.

  • Pending Nameserver Update:

    • Causes:

      • Full setups: You have either not changed your authoritative nameservers at your registrar or your change has not yet been authenticated.
      • Partial setups: You have either not added the verification TXT record to your authoritative DNS or that record has not yet been authenticated.
    • Limitations:

      • Pending zones cannot be used to proxy traffic to Cloudflare.
      • If your domain is on the Free plan, it will be deleted automatically if not activated within 28 days. Any pending zone with a paid plan (Pro, Business, Enterprise) will remain pending until the plan is removed or the domain is activated or removed from Cloudflare.
  • Active: Cloudflare has authenticated your nameserver changes or verification TXT record and you can proxy domain traffic through Cloudflare.

  • Moved: Your domain has failed multiple DNS checks, indicating that your authoritative DNS no longer points to Cloudflare nameservers. The domain will be deleted automatically after 7 days, unless there is an active plan subscription.

  • Deleted: This domain has been archived. You can re-add the domain to Cloudflare by following the regular onboarding flow.

If your domain’s status changes, you will receive an email at the address associated with your account.

​​ Domain removal

If domains remain in the Pending Nameserver Update or Moved status for too long, Cloudflare automatically removes them from your account and the Cloudflare network.

You can also manually remove a domain from Cloudflare.

If you need to re-add a domain to your account, follow the regular onboarding flow.