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Why was my domain deleted from Cloudflare?

Domain deletion commonly occurs for the following reasons:

  • A user with access to the domain removed it.
  • The nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare. Cloudflare continuously monitors domain registration.
  • The domain was not authenticated (pending for 28 days).

​​ Check Audit Logs

Cloudflare Audit Logs contain information about domain deletion.

​​ Check registrar for Cloudflare nameservers

If your domain was using a full setup, your registrar needs to use Cloudflare nameservers as the authoritative nameservers for your domain.

  1. Use either the command-line based “whois” application provided with your Operating System or a website such as or

    • If you are unable to find the nameserver details for your domain, reach out to your domain registrar or domain provider to provide the domain registration information.
    • Ensure Cloudflare’s nameservers are the only two nameservers listed in the domain registration details.
    • Ensure nameservers are spelled correctly in the domain registration.
  2. Confirm that the nameservers exactly match the nameservers provided within the Cloudflare Nameservers section of the Cloudflare DNS app.

  3. If you identify incorrect information, log in to your domain provider’s portal to make updates or contact your domain provider for assistance.

​​ Recover a deleted domain

To recover a deleted domain, re-add it in Cloudflare just like you would for a new domain.