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Troubleshooting client certificates

If your query returns an error even after configuring and embedding a client SSL certificate, check the following settings.

​​ Check SSL/TLS handshake

On your terminal, use the following command to check whether an SSL/TLS connection can be established successfully between the client and the API endpoint.

$ curl -v --cert /path/to/certificate.pem --key /path/to/key.pem

If the SSL/TLS handshake cannot be completed, check whether the certificate and the private key are correct.

​​ Check mTLS hosts

Check whether mTLS has been enabled for the correct host. The host should match the API endpoint that you want to protect.

​​ Review mTLS rules

To review mTLS rules:

  1. Select Security > WAF > Firewall rules.

  2. On a specific rule, select Edit.

  3. On that rule, check whether:

    • The Expression Preview is correct.

    • The hostname matches your API endpoint. For example, for the API endpoint, the rule should look like:

      ( in {""} and not cf.tls_client_auth.cert_verified)
  4. To edit the rule, either use the user interface or select Edit expression.