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API commands

Use the following API commands to manage advanced certificates. If you are using our API for the first time, review our API documentation.

Command Method Endpoint Additional notes
Order advanced certificate POST zones/<<ZONE_ID>>/ssl/certificate_packs/order
Restart certificate validation PATCH zones/<<ZONE_ID>>/ssl/certificate_packs/<<ID>>
Delete certificate pack DELETE zones/<<ZONE_ID>>/ssl/certificate_packs/<<ID>>
List certificate packs in a zone GET zones/<<ZONE_ID>>/ssl/certificate_packs?status=all This API call returns all certificate packs for a domain (Universal, Custom, and Advanced).
List Cipher Suite settings GET zones/<<ZONE_ID>>/settings/ciphers
Change Cipher Suite settings PATCH zones/<<ZONE_ID>>/settings/ciphers To restore default settings, send a blank array in the value parameter.