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Troubleshooting Domain Control Validation

Taking into account the steps involved in DCV, some situations may interfere with certificate issuance and renewal.

If these issues occur while HTTP DCV is in place, review the following settings:

  • Anything affecting /.well-known/*: Review firewall rules and other configuration rules to make sure no Cloudflare settings are targeting your zone’s path for /.well-known/*.

  • Cloudflare Firewall Rules: Review your firewall rules to ensure that your rules do not enable interactive challenge on the validation URL

  • Cloudflare Account Settings and Page Rules: Review your account settings, Configuration Rules, and Page Rules to ensure you have not enabled I’m Under Attack Mode on the validation URL.

  • Authoritative DNS provider: Check your settings at your authoritative DNS provider to make sure that:

  • The HTTP verification process is done preferably over IPv6, so if any AAAA record exists and does not point to the same dual-stack location as the A record, the validation will fail.