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Remove key file password

You cannot upload a custom certificate with a password-protected key file.

The process for removing the password depends on your operating system. The following examples remove the password from

  1. Open a command console.

  2. Go to the directory containing the file.

  3. Copy the original key.

    $ cp temp.key
  4. Run the following command (if using an ECDSA certificate, replace rsa with ec).

    $ openssl rsa -in temp.key -out
  5. When prompted in the console window, enter the original key password.

  6. Upload the file contents to Cloudflare.

  1. Go to and download the latest version of OpenSSL for your x86 or x86_64 operating system.

  2. Open the .zip file and extract it.

  3. Select openssl.exe.

  4. In the command window that appears, run:

    $ rsa -in C:\Path\To\ -out key.pem
  5. Enter the original key password when prompted by the openssl.exe command window.

  6. Upload the contents of the key.pem file to Cloudflare.