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Cloudflare Workers support the following protocols and interfaces:

Protocol Inbound Outbound
HTTP / HTTPS Handle incoming HTTP requests using the fetch() handler Make HTTP subrequests using the fetch() API
Direct TCP sockets Support for handling inbound TCP connections is coming soon Create outbound TCP connections using the connect() API
WebSockets Accept incoming WebSocket connections using the WebSocket API, or with MQTT over WebSockets (Pub/Sub) MQTT over WebSockets (Pub/Sub)
MQTT Handle incoming messages to an MQTT broker with Pub Sub Support for publishing MQTT messages to an MQTT topic is coming soon
HTTP/3 (QUIC) Accept inbound requests over HTTP/3 by enabling it on your zone in Speed > Optimization > Protocol Optimization area of the Cloudflare dashboard.
SMTP Use Email Workers to process and forward email, without having to manage TCP connections to SMTP email servers Email Workers