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Install/Update Wrangler

Wrangler is a command-line tool for building with Cloudflare developer products.

​​ Install Wrangler

To install Wrangler, ensure you have Node.js and npm installed, preferably using a Node version manager like Volta or nvm. Using a version manager helps avoid permission issues and allows you to change Node.js versions. Wrangler requires a Node.js version of 16.13.0 or later.

Wrangler is installed locally into each of your projects. This allows you and your team to use the same Wrangler version, control Wrangler versions for each project, and rollback to an earlier version of Wrangler, if needed.

To install Wrangler within your Worker project, run:

$ npm install wrangler --save-dev

$ yarn add --dev wrangler

​​ Check your Wrangler version

To check your Wrangler version, run:

$ wrangler --version
// or run:
$ wrangler version

​​ Update Wrangler

To update the version of Wrangler used in your project, run:

$ npm install wrangler@latest
  • Commands - A detailed list of the commands that Wrangler supports.
  • Configuration - Learn more about Wrangler’s configuration file.