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Run Wrangler in CI/CD

To run Wrangler in a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) environment, you must provide a Cloudflare API token and account ID.

​​ Create a Cloudflare API token

To create a token:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Select the user icon on the top right of your dashboard > My Profile.
  3. Select API Tokens > Create Token.

API Token Templates

  1. Select Use template next to Edit Cloudflare Workers. All templates are prefilled with a token name and permissions. You also need to modify the account and zone resources you want assigned to the token.
  2. After editing your token, select Continue to summary and review the permissions before selecting create token.
  3. Create an .env file in your project directory and set CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN as the key and your token as the value.


You can also inline the value directly with the npx wrangler deploy command. For example: CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN=XXX npx wrangler deploy.

Refer to API Token for more information on set up.

​​ Account ID

You have three options for telling Wrangler which Cloudflare account to use:

  • If there is only one account associated with the API token, then the account ID is inferred automatically;
  • Add the account_id to the project’s wrangler.toml file (for example, account_id = "12345679").
  • Add the account ID to the CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID environment variable.