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Method types & common verbs

The verb examples are a small handful of commonly used verbs associated with a method, but you should not feel limited and only use the verbs in the examples.

When writing the endpoint title, use the root form of the verb. For example, “Create a namespace.”

For the endpoint description, use the present tense of the verb. For example, “Creates a namespace under the given title.”

Additionally, using the method type as the verb in the title and description is okay. For example, using the method GET and including it in the description as “Gets embed code” is acceptable.

Method Purpose Verb examples
GET Retrieves a resource Gets, Lists, Returns, Downloads
POST Creates a resource Creates, Watches, Inserts, Adds
PUT Updates or creates an existing resource Updates, Modifies, Adds
PATCH Partially modifies an existing resource Updates, Edits, Changes
DELETE Removes the resource Deletes, Removes, Cancels