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​​ Definition

An introductory paragraph immediately following the page title that explains what users can expect from the following content, whether steps, concepts, FAQs, or reference materials.

​​ Used in

How to, Configuration, FAQ, Concept, Reference, Tutorial

​​ Structure

​​ How to

An introductory paragraph on the following steps and what they will accomplish.

Provide context to the reader that is not in the section heading.

End with a colon or a period.

Use a colon if it immediately precedes the steps.

Use a period if there is more material (such as a note) between the context and the procedure.

Do not provide context for steps with a partial sentence that is completed by the numbered steps.

​​ Configuration

The context should be given in a paragraph right after the title. It should introduce the features, contextualize what type of configurations the user will encounter, and link to other relevant documentation.

​​ FAQ

An introductory paragraph on the section and what users can expect from it.

​​ Concept

Provide a brief description of why users should care about this information.

​​ Reference

Provide an introductory paragraph to explain how and why a user might utilize the information on this page.

​​ Tutorial

An introductory paragraph on the user’s goal or job-to-be-done and how they’ll accomplish that in the tutorial. Consider including the intended audience for the tutorial.