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​​ Purpose

The purpose of a tutorial is to connect products to real-world scenarios to meet a user’s goal.

​​ Tone

Guiding, straightforward, educational, authoritative

​​ content_type


​​ Structure

​​ Required components

Title: Short verb phrase in second-person imperative.

Context: An introductory paragraph on the user’s goal or job-to-be-done and how they’ll accomplish that in the tutorial. Consider including the intended audience for the tutorial. Refer to Context for more information.

Consider the user story framing: “As a ___, I want to ___ so I can ___.”

Steps: Numbered steps that complete a task. Refer to Steps/Tasks/Procedures for more information.

​​ Optional components






​​ Guidelines

A tutorial is:

  • User-focused
  • Aligned to a user’s goal or job-to-be-done
  • Descriptive and guiding

A tutorial can:

  • Describe how to integrate with a third party
  • Be delivered in the Cloudflare dashboard
  • Describe how to set up multiple products to complete a single job-to-be-done

A tutorial is not:

  • Product configuration information, how-to (or any of the other content types)
  • How to complete a task in the UI or API
  • A dumping ground for screenshots
  • Content with no end goal or job-to-be-done

​​ Template

We have a pre-built set of tutorial shortcodes that help organize and format tutorials:

Tutorial example
pcx_content_type: tutorial
updated: 2023-06-30
# Second-person imperative verb phrase that reflects user goal or job-to-be-done
Context for tutorial, intended audience (optional)
Various pre-reqs
{{<tutorial-step title="Step 1">}}
Step 1 content
{{<tutorial-step title="Step 2 content" optional=true >}}
Step 2 content
{{<tutorial-step title="Step 3 content">}}
Step 3 content
{{<tutorial-step title="Step 4">}}
Step 4 content

​​ Examples


​​ Additional information

We have a tool that pulls together everything labeled with <pcx_content_type: tutorial>: Tutorials