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Content types

The content sections are in prioritized order and should be applied to all new products.

Content section Required? Content description
Overview Yes The purpose of a landing page is to welcome users and provide an overview of the product.
Get started Yes The purpose of Get started content is to help users go from not using a product to successfully configuring and setting up.
How to No The purpose of a how to is to explain how to complete a task within the product.
Concept No The purpose of a concept is to provide conceptual or descriptive information so users understand the background and context of a particular topic.
Reference No The purpose of reference content is to provide supplemental information (a “deep dive”) for further learning on settings, values, or options. While reference information is helpful for users, reference information should not block or prevent users from completing tasks.
Tutorial No The purpose of a tutorial is to guide users and connect products to real-world scenarios.
API No API content lists requirements and tasks users must complete before successfully making their first request.
Troubleshooting No The purpose of Troubleshooting content is to provide guidance for solving common and corner-case problems with the product.
FAQ No The purpose of an FAQ is to provide simple answers to common questions.
3rd-party integration guide No The purpose of a 3rd-party integration guide is to explain how to use a 3rd-party product with Cloudflare.
Changelog No The purpose of a changelog is to log or record notable changes.
Configuration No The purpose of a configuration is to show examples of specific settings, values, and options.
Navigation No The purpose of a navigation page is to direct users deeper into the doc set and act as a sub-landing page for a specific area of the docs.
Support content No The purpose of support content is to provide guidance for solving specific problems with Cloudflare.