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Get started

​​ Purpose

The purpose of Get started content is to help users go from not using a product to successfully configuring and setting up.

​​ content_type


​​ Structure

​​ Required components

Title: Should be “Get started”

Prerequisites: Which may include:

  • An active zone
  • Certain subscription / enabled product / plan
  • Other tasks you might need to do to set up other things (your origin) outside of CF
  • Do you need to make certain decisions before you start?

Steps: Steps that lead someone to whatever would be considered Product Adoption.

  • Often, these can be partialized files from your How-to pages.
  • This is usually the bare minimum (a single Bot Management FW rule) + the most general use case for a product.
  • This may at times contradict the flow in the Cloudflare dashboard at times. If it does, consider raising it up to the Product team.

​​ Optional components

Next steps: Point someone towards additional configuration options.

​​ Template

weight: xx
pcx_content_type: get-started
# Get started
## Before you begin
All the things you need to do before you start configuring your product, both within Cloudflare and outside.
## Step 1 -- Step description
## Step 2 -- Steps until you get to activation
## Next steps
Point to more complex setup options.

​​ Example

Waiting Room: Get started