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Audit logs

The descriptions below detail the fields available for audit_logs.

Field Value Type
ActionResult Whether the action was successful. bool
ActionType Type of action taken. string
ActorEmail Email of the actor. string
ActorID Unique identifier of the actor in Cloudflare’s system. string
ActorIP Physical network address of the actor. string
ActorType Type of user that started the audit trail. string
ID Unique identifier of an audit log. string
Interface Entry point or interface of the audit log. string
Metadata Additional audit log-specific information. Metadata is organized in key:value pairs. Key and Value formats can vary by ResourceType. object
NewValue Contains the new value for the audited item. object
OldValue Contains the old value for the audited item. object
OwnerID The identifier of the user that was acting or was acted on behalf of. If a user did the action themselves, this value will be the same as the ActorID. string
ResourceID Unique identifier of the resource within Cloudflare’s system. string
ResourceType The type of resource that was changed. string
When When the change happened. int or string