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Pathing status

​​ Understand pathing

Cloudflare issues the following Edge Pathing Statuses:

  • EdgePathingSrc (pathing source): The stage that made the routing decision.
  • EdgePathingOp (pathing operation): The specific action or operation taken.
  • EdgePathingStatus (pathing status): Additional information complementing the EdgePathingOp.

​​ EdgePathingSrc

EdgePathingSrc refers to the system that last handled the request before an error occurred or the request was passed to the cache server. Typically, this will be the macro/reputation list. Possible pathing sources include:

  • err
  • sslv (SSL verification checker)
  • bic (browser integrity check)
  • hot (hotlink protection)
  • macro (the reputation list)
  • skip (Always Online or CDNJS resources)
  • user (user firewall rule)

For example:

$ jq -r .EdgePathingSrc logs.json | sort -n | uniq -c | sort -n | tail
1 err
5 user
93 macro

​​ EdgePathingOp

EdgePathingOp indicates how the request was handled. wl is a request that passed all checks and went to your origin server. Other possible values are:

  • errHost (host header mismatch, DNS errors, etc.)
  • ban (blocked by IP address, range, etc.)

For example:

$ jq -r .EdgePathingOp logs.json | sort -n | uniq -c | sort -n | tail
1 errHost
97 wl

​​ EdgePathingStatus

EdgePathingStatus is the value EdgePathingSrc returns. With a pathing source of macro, user, or err, the pathing status indicates the list where the IP address was found. nr is the most common value and it means that the request was not flagged by a security check. Some values indicate the class of user; for example, se means search engine.

For example:

$ jq -r .EdgePathingStatus logs.json | sort -n | uniq -c | sort -n | tail
1 dnsErr
5 ip
92 nr

​​ How does pathing map to Threat Analytics?

Certain combinations of pathing have been labeled in the Cloudflare Threat Analytics feature (in the Analytics app in the Cloudflare dashboard). The mapping is as follows:

Pathing Label
bic.ban.unknown Bad browser
hot.ban.unknown Blocked hotlink
macro.ban.ip Bad IP
user.ban.ctry Country block
user.ban.ip IP block (user)
user.ban.ipr16 IP range block (/16)
user.ban.ipr24 IP range block (/24)

​​ Understand response fields

The response status appears in three places in a request:

  • edgeResponse
  • cacheResponse
  • originResponse

In your logs, the edge is what first accepts a visitor’s request. The cache then accepts the request and either forwards it to your origin or responds from the cache. It is possible to have a request that has only an edgeResponse or a request that has an edgeResponse and a cacheResponse, but no originResponse.

This is how you can see where a request terminates. Requests with only an edgeResponse likely hit a security check or processing error. Requests with an edgeResponse and a cacheResponse either were served from the cache or saw an error contacting your origin server. Requests that have an originResponse went all the way to your origin server and errors seen would have been served directly from there.

For example, the following query shows the status code and pathing information for all requests that terminated at the Cloudflare edge:

$ jq -r 'select(.OriginResponseStatus == null) | select(.CacheResponseStatus == null) |"\(.EdgeResponseStatus) / \(.EdgePathingSrc) / \(.EdgePathingStatus) / \(.EdgePathingOp)"' logs.json | sort -n | uniq -c | sort -n
1 403 / macro / nr / wl
1 409 / err / dnsErr / errHost

The information stored is broken down based on the following categories:

​​ Errors

These occur for requests that did not pass any of the validation performed by the Cloudflare network. Example cases include:

  • Whenever Cloudflare is unable to look up a domain or zone.
  • An attempt to improperly use the IP for an origin server.
  • Domain ownership is unclear (for example, the domain is not in Cloudflare).
EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp Status Code
cyclic Cloudflare loop. err_host 403
dns_err Unable to resolve. err_host 409
reserved_ip DNS points to local or disallowed IP. err_host 403
reserved_ip6 DNS points to local or disallowed IPv6 address. err_host 403
bad_host Bad or no Host header. err_host 403
no_existing_host Ownership lookup failed: host possibly not on Cloudflare. err_host 409

​​ User-based actions

These occur for actions triggered from users based on the configuration for a specific IP (or IP range).

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc Status Code
The request was blocked. ban user 403
  • The request was allowed.
  • WAF will not execute.
wl user n/a

​​ Firewall Rules

Cloudflare Firewall Rules triggers actions based on matching customer-defined rules.

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp
filter_based_firewall The request was blocked. ban
filter_based_firewall The request was allowed. wl

​​ Zone Lockdown

Zone Lockdown blocks visitors to particular URIs where the visitor’s IP is not allowlisted.

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
zl Lock down applied. ban user

​​ Firewall User-Agent Block

Challenge (Interactive or Non-Interactive) or block visitors who use a browser for which the User-Agent name matches a specific string.

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
ua Blocked User-Agent. ban user

​​ Browser Integrity Check

Assert whether the source of the request is illegitimate or the request itself is malicious.

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
empty Blocked request. ban bic

​​ Hot Linking

Prevent hot linking from other sites.

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
empty Blocked request. ban hot

​​ L7-to-L7 DDoS mitigation

Drop DDoS attacks through L7 mitigation.

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
l7ddos Blocked request. ban protect

​​ IP Reputation (MACRO)

The macro stage is comprised of many different paths. They are categorized by the reputation of the visitor IP.

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
nr There is no reputation data for the IP and no action is being taken. wl macro
wl IP is explicitly allowlisted. wl macro
scan IP is explicitly allowlisted and categorized as a security scanner. wl macro
mon IP is explicitly allowlisted and categorized as a Monitoring Service. wl macro
bak IP is explicitly allowlisted and categorized as a Backup Service. wl macro
mob IP is explicitly allowlisted and categorized as Mobile Proxy Service. wl macro
se IP is explicitly allowlisted as it belongs to a search engine crawler and no action is taken. wl macro
grey IP is greylisted (suspected to be bad) but the request was either for a favicon or security is turned off and as such, it is allowlisted. wl macro
bad_ok The reputation score of the IP is bad (or is a TOR IP) but the request was either for a favicon or security is turned off and as such, it is allowlisted. Alternatively, the threat score of the IP is in the accepted security level. wl macro
unknown The pathing_status is unknown and the request is being processed as normal. wl macro

​​ Rate Limiting

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
rate_limit Dropped request. ban user
rate_limit IP is explicitly allowlisted. simulate user

​​ Special cases

EdgePathingStatus Description EdgePathingOp EdgePathingSrc
ao_crawl AO (Always Online) crawler request. wl skip
cdnjs Request to a cdnjs resource. wl skip
Certain challenge forced by Cloudflare’s special headers. forced