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Sinkhole HTTP Logs

The descriptions below detail the fields available for sinkhole_http_logs.

Field Value Type
AccountID The Account ID. string
Body The request body. string
BodyLength The length of request body. int
DestAddr The destination IP address of the request. string
Headers The request headers. If a header has multiple values, the values are comma separated. Each header is separated by the escaped newline character (\n). string
Host The host the request was sent to. string
Method The request method. string
Password The request password. string
R2Path The path to the object within the R2 bucket linked to this sinkhole that stores overflow body and header data. Blank if neither headers nor body was larger than 256 bytes. string
Referrer The referrer of the request. string
SinkholeID The ID of the Sinkhole that logged the HTTP Request. string
SrcAddr The sender’s IP address. string
Timestamp The date and time the sinkhole HTTP request was logged. int or string
URI The request Uniform Resource Identifier. string
URL The request Uniform Resource Locator. string
UserAgent The request user agent. string
Username The request username. string