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What settings are applied when I click “Optimize Cloudflare for WordPress” in Cloudflare’s WordPress plugin?

​​ Overview

If you’re using Cloudflare’s Wordpress plugin, our “Optimize Cloudflare for WordPress” one-click configuration applies the following settings to your Cloudflare account:

Cloudflare’s one-click configuration Wordpress plugin.

Setting Value
Security level Medium
Caching level Standard
Auto Minify Enable Auto Minify for JS, CSS, and HTML
Browser Cache TTL 4 hours
Always Online On
Development Mode Disabled
IPV6 Compatibility Off
WebSockets On
IP Geolocation On
Email Address Obfuscation On
Server-side Excludes On
Hotlink Protection Off
Image optimization (Polish and Mirage) Off (unless on Pro or higher plan)
Rocket Loader Off