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Manage custom rules in the dashboard

Manage custom rules in Security > WAF > Custom rules.

The custom rules interface allows you to:

  • Create custom rules
  • Browse and filter rules
  • Edit and delete rules
  • Enable or disable rules
  • Reorder rules

The Custom rules tab in the dashboard, listing three example rules

​​ Manage custom rules

Edit, delete, enable/disable, or reorder rules in the Custom rules tab.

​​ Enable or disable a rule

To enable/disable a rule, select the toggle button next to the rule.

​​ Edit a rule

To edit a rule:

  1. Select the name of rule you want to change.
  2. Update the rule parameters.
  3. Select Save.

​​ Delete a rule

To delete a rule, select the three dots menu > Delete next to the rule you want to delete and confirm the operation.

​​ Reorder a rule

Select the handle next to the rule and drag the rule into position. Alternatively, select the three dots menu and then select Move row up, Move row down, or Move to to shift the rule up, down, or to a specific position in the rules list.