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An IP Access rule will apply a certain action to incoming traffic based on the visitor’s IP address, IP range, country, or Autonomous System Number (ASN).

​​ IP address

Type Example value
IPv4 address
IPv6 address 2001:db8::

​​ IP range

Type Example value Start of range End of range Number of addresses
IPv4 /24 range 256
IPv4 /16 range 65,536
IPv6 /64 range 2001:db8::/64 2001:db8:: 2001:db8:0000:0000:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff 18,446,744,073,709,551,616
IPv6 /48 range 2001:db8::/48 2001:db8:: 2001:db8:0000:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176
IPv6 /32 range 2001:db8::/32 2001:db8:: 2001:db8:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff 79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,336

​​ Country

You can specify a country by name or two-letter ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 codes. For example:

  • US
  • germany
  • CN

Cloudflare uses the following special country alpha-2 codes that are not part of the ISO:

​​ Autonomous System Number (ASN)

Type Example value
ASN AS13335