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Generate a key pair in the command line

Generate a public/private key pair using the Cloudflare matched-data-cli command-line tool. After generating a key pair, enter the generated public key in the payload logging configuration.

Do the following:

  1. Download the matched-data-cli tool for your platform from the Releases page on GitHub, under Assets.

  2. Extract the content of the downloaded .tar.gz file to a local folder.

  3. Open a terminal and go to the local folder containing the matched-data-cli tool.

    ~ $ cd matched-data-cli
  4. Run the following command:

    ~/matched-data-cli $ ./matched-data-cli generate-key-pair
    "private_key": "uBS5eBttHrqkdY41kbZPdvYnNz8Vj0TvKIUpjB1y/GA=",
    "public_key": "Ycig/Zr/pZmklmFUN99nr+taURlYItL91g+NcHGYpB8="

After generating the key pair, copy the public key value and enter it in the payload logging configuration.

​​ Troubleshooting macOS errors

If you are using macOS, the operating system may block the matched-data-cli tool, depending on your security settings.

For instructions on how to execute unsigned binaries like the matched-data-cli tool in macOS, refer to the Safely open apps on your Mac page in Apple Support.