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Available skip options

The available skip options in custom rules are the following:

  • Skip the remaining custom rules (current ruleset)

    • Dashboard option: All remaining custom rules.
    • API action parameter: ruleset.
    • Skips the remaining rules in the current ruleset.
  • Skip phases

    • Dashboard options: All rate limiting rules, All Super Bot Fight Mode rules, and All managed rules.

    • API action parameter: phases.

    • Skips the execution of one or more phases. Based on the phases you can skip, this option effectively allows you to skip rate limiting rules, Super Bot Fight Mode rules, and/or WAF Managed Rules. When skipping a phase, both the account and zone-level entry point rulesets of the phase will be skipped.

    • The phases you can skip are the following:

      • http_ratelimit
      • http_request_sbfm
      • http_request_firewall_managed
    • Refer to Phases for more information.

  • Skip products

​​ Logging

  • Log requests matching the skip rule

    • Dashboard option: Log matching requests.
    • API action parameter: logging > enabled (boolean, optional).
    • When disabled, Cloudflare will not log any requests matching the current skip rule, and these requests will not appear in Security Events.
    • If you do not specify this option in the API, the default value is true for custom rules with the skip action (logs requests matching the skip rule).