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The Outlook integration detects a variety of data loss prevention, account misconfiguration, and user security risks in an integrated Microsoft 365 account that could leave you and your organization vulnerable.

​​ Integration prerequisites

​​ Integration permissions

Refer to Microsoft 365 integration permissions for information on which API permissions to enable.

​​ Security findings

The Outlook integration currently scans for the following findings, or security risks. Findings are grouped by category and then ordered by severity level.

To stay up-to-date with new CASB findings as they are added, bookmark this page or subscribe to its RSS feed.

​​ Calendar sharing

Get alerted when calendars in your Microsoft 365 account have their permissions changed to a less secure setting.

Finding Severity
Calendar shared externally Low

​​ Email administrator settings

Discover suspicious or insecure email configurations in your Microsoft domain. Missing SPF and DMARC records make it easier for bad actors to spoof email, while SPF records configured to another domain can be a potential warning sign of malicious activity.

Finding Severity
Microsoft Domain SPF Record Allows Any IP Address High
Microsoft Domain SPF Record Not Present Medium
Microsoft Domain DMARC Record Not Present Medium
Microsoft Domain DMARC Not Enforced Medium
Microsoft Domain DMARC Not Enforced for Subdomains Medium
Microsoft Domain DMARC Only Partially Enforced Medium
Microsoft Domain Not Verified Medium
App Certification Expires in 90 Days or Sooner Low

​​ Email forwarding

Get alerted when users set their email to be forwarded externally. This can either be a sign of unauthorized activity, or an employee unknowingly sending potentially sensitive information to a personal email.

Finding Severity
Active Message Rule Forwards Externally As Attachment Low
Active Message Rule Forwards Externally Low
Active Message Rule Redirects Externally Low