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Run a traceroute test

A traceroute test measures the network path of an IP packet from an end-user device to a server. You can use the test results to troubleshoot network issues. For example, increased latency may indicate a problem with connectivity along the network path.

​​ Create a test

To set up a traceroute test for an application:

  1. In Zero Trust, go to DEX > Tests.
  2. Select Add a Test.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Name: Enter any name for the test.
    • Target: Enter the IP address of the server you want to test (for example, You can test either a public-facing endpoint or a private endpoint you have connected to Cloudflare.
    • Test type: Select Traceroute.
    • Test frequency: Specify how often the test will run. Input a minute value between 5 and 60.

The test will now run on all supported devices connected to your Zero Trust organization.

Next, view the results of your test.

​​ Supported devices

To run a traceroute test, the device must be connected to Zero Trust via the WARP client. Refer to the table below for client version requirements.

System Minimum WARP version
macOS 2023.5.589
Windows 2023.5.587
Linux Not supported
iOS 6.22
ChromeOS 6.28
Android 6.28