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Gateway proxy

You can forward HTTP and network traffic to Gateway for logging and filtering. Gateway can proxy both outbound traffic and traffic directed to resources connected via a Cloudflare Tunnel, GRE tunnel, or IPsec tunnel.

The Gateway proxy is required for filtering HTTP and network traffic via the WARP client in Gateway with WARP mode. To proxy HTTP traffic without deploying the WARP client, you can configure PAC files on your devices.

​​ Proxy protocols

Gateway supports proxying TCP, UDP, and ICMP traffic.

​​ TCP

When the proxy is enabled, Gateway will always forward TCP traffic.

By default, TCP connection attempts will timeout after 30 seconds and idle connections will disconnect after 8 hours.

​​ UDP

The UDP proxy forwards UDP traffic such as VoIP, internal DNS requests, and thick client applications.

When the UDP proxy is enabled, Gateway will force all HTTP/3 traffic to HTTP/2 to allow inspection. Otherwise, HTTP/3 traffic will bypass inspection. For more information, refer to HTTP/3 inspection.



The ICMP proxy forwards traffic for diagnostic tools such as ping and traceroute.

​​ Enable the Gateway proxy

  1. In Zero Trust, go to Settings > Network.
  2. Enable Proxy for TCP.
  3. (Optional) Depending on your use case, you can enable UDP and/or ICMP.