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Test results

You can use the results of a DEX test to monitor availability and performance for a specific application.

​​ View test results

​​ Prerequisites

​​ View results for all devices

To view an overview of test results for all devices:

  1. In Zero Trust, go to DEX > Monitoring.
  2. Select the Tests tab.
  3. Under Application tests, select a test to view detailed results.

​​ View results for an individual device

To view analytics on a per-device level:

  1. In Zero Trust, go to My Team > Devices.
  2. Select the device you want to view, and then select View details.
  3. Select the Tests tab.
  4. Select a test to view detailed results.

​​ Explanation of the fields


Data Description
Resource fetch time Difference between the start and end time of the test. Calculated by adding the server response time + DNS response time.
Server response time Round-trip time for the device to receive a response from the target.
DNS response time Round-trip time for the DNS query to resolve.
HTTP status codes Status code returned by the target.

​​ Traceroute

Data Description
Round trip time Time between sending out a packet and receiving a response from the target.
Number of hops Number of routers encountered between the device and the target.
Packet loss Percentage of IP packets that failed to receive a response.
Availability Percentage of tests where at least one packet reached the destination.

​​ Data retention

Test results are stored for the following amount of time:

Zero Trust plan Duration
Free 24 hours
Standard 15 days
Enterprise 15 days