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Integrate Cloudflare Area 1 with Access for SaaS

Cloudflare Area 1 is an email security platform that protects your organization’s inbox from phishing, spam, and other malicious messages. You can set up Cloudflare Access as a single sign-on provider for your Cloudflare Area 1 portal.

Time to complete:

15 minutes

​​ Prerequisites

  • Admin access to your Area 1 account
  • Your user’s email in Area 1 matches their email in Zero Trust.

​​ 1. Add Area 1 to Zero Trust

  1. In Zero Trust, go to Access > Applications.

  2. Select Add an application.

  3. Select SaaS.

  4. In the Application field, enter Area 1 and select Area 1. (Area 1 is not currently listed in the default drop-down menu.)

  5. Enter the following values for your application configuration:

    Entity ID
    Assertion Consumer Service URL
    Name ID Format Email
  6. (Optional) In Application Appearance, customize your App Launcher visibility and logo.

  7. Choose the Identity providers you want to enable for your application.

  8. Turn on Instant Auth if you are selecting only one login method for your application, and would like your end users to skip the identity provider selection step.

  9. Select Next.

​​ 2. Add an Access policy

  1. To control who can access your application, create an Access policy.

  2. Select Next.

​​ 3. Configure SSO for Area 1

Finally, you will need to configure Area 1 to allow users to log in through Cloudflare Access.

  1. In your Area 1 portal, go to Settings > SSO.

  2. Turn on Single Sign On.

  3. (Optional) To require users to sign in through Access, set SSO Enforcement to All. When SSO is enforced, users will no longer be able to sign in with their Area 1 credentials.

  4. In SAML SSO Domain, enter <your-team-name>

  5. Get your Metadata XML file:

    1. In Zero Trust, copy the SSO Endpoint for your application.

      Copy SSO settings for a SaaS application from Zero Trust

    2. In a new browser tab, paste the SSO Endpoint and append /saml-metadata to the end of the URL. For example, https://<your-team-name><app-id>/saml-metadata.

    3. Copy the resulting metadata.

  6. Return to the Area 1 portal and paste the metadata into Metadata XML.

    Configure SSO in the Area 1 portal

  7. Select Update Settings.

  8. In Zero Trust, select Done.

Your application will appear on the Applications page. If you added the application to your App Launcher, you can test the integration by going to <your-team-name>